Literature Review (Post C)

Organic waste management is very important due to the many problems related to landfill. Burying organic waste in land fill is harmful towards the environment as it undergoes anaerobic decomposition, which is a lack in oxygen throughout the decomposition stage. This causes methane which is then released into our atmosphere. This on its own is a serious event which is contributing towards the green house effect. However anaerobic decomposition is not the only negative result of landfill. Toxins and leachate that are created leak into soil and surrounding environments polluting water soil and waterways. This also has a serious effect on the environment, animals and humans.

It is clear why organic waste management systems need to be put into place. Earth Power are an Australian organisation set out on a mission to collect organic waste from industrial, residential and commercial facilities and convert it into green energy and rich fertiliser. They create green energy by utilising the anaerobic decomposition in a controlled environment. The methane gas is then used to dual cogeneration engines, which results in energy. This process makes sense. Why leave organic waste in landfill to create wasted harmful methane gas? Earth Power cleverly and simply use this gas as an energy generator.

Earth Power green energy process diagram.

ReWrap are a Dutch design brand that focus on the sustainability of products using organic materials. Their products are biodegradable as a result of using organic material. For the ReWrap brand waste is the main focus for their products which result in non harmful products and material.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 8.51.28 PM.png
Tree Bag: screen shot form ReWrap offical site.

The Main body material is made up from coconut husks, which are pressed along with natural resin to create a durable material. Wood work is even polished using bees wax. Wood pulp is a product created from wasted sawdust. This makes a great material for thread. Hence using wood pulp as a sustainable thread. Their website shows a great promotional video showing the evolution and biodegradable process of the tree bag.

This process of combining and using wasted organic materials and forming new material, which in not harmful to the environment and can biodegrade. This is a great idea for reusing and recycling natural organic substances and converting them into products that we use everyday. To facilitate this there would need to be a clever collection process to convince people to put there organic waste towards these products with ease and no more effort. At the end of the day people are lazy and will generally do what is easiest for them.

William Sandstrom, 11997943, Group C


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