Post A:My one day ORGANIC WASTE

People have organic waste everyday, at first, it is the environment to everyone, organic waste will be decomposite to greenhouse gases by bacterial, the volume of greenhouse gases can be 100kg by 1ton food, of course, greenhouse gases are the most important factor of global warming. The organic waste of Australian households has a substantial impact on the environment, although some organic wasted are unavoidable, a large part of this problem demanded avoidable or edible are being wasted, very little is being done in Australian households to recycle. In 2013, most organic waste generation New South Wales was set to landfill, organic waste also impact the environment the waste energy and resources that have been used to produce transport. All my life I’ve been concerned about wasting.

I conducted my one day waste audit of all the ‘waste’ that I produce is in the following graph and images. Basically, my daily waste is about the organic waste and non – recyclable waste, but what I am focus on is the organic waste. As we can see though the pie chart, almost half of waste is the organic waste.屏幕快照 2016-06-12 下午4.03.54

One of my element of the organic waste is the reed leaves, which is from the Chinese traditional food, Zongzi, a pyramid-shaped dumpling made of sticky rice and wrapped in reed leaves, will have pride of place on our dining tables in the days to come.

Lily, W. 2016, The One Studio, photography , Sydney, private collections

Life cycle of the reed:

Reed, the reed leaves, reed stems, all can be used as a medicine. Medicinal value for solid barrier to soil and plants. Reed stem can make paper and rayon, spun rayon material, also for woven seats, curtain, etc; Contain a large number of proteins and sugars when young, good for fodder; The buds are edible; In addition to that, if I don’t use the reed and just throw them to the garbage bin, the reed will just been wasted and valueless.

What changed and made me more extreme was the discovery that there’s all this food. I think that a lot of people will stop and pick up a lamp on the curbside, with the sign that says “Take me.” But it seems like a big step to go to taking food. And I never really believed it was possible to find good things in the garbage on a regular basis about organic waste.


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