On account of the investigated in blog C, the alternative system of organic waste I will focus on the university, the university students can understand the ability to accept new knowledge, and can accept in the short time.

Why does the composting is quite important?

When food residue is sent to landfill, they decompose to produce methane, then, the greenhouse gases more than 20 times, that the global warming carbon dioxide. Food waste landfill field is a potential source of decomposition and organic leachate pollution of surface water and groundwater. If food waste recycling, which contains the value of organic matter and nutrients can recapture.

Compost method is simple and organic material is decomposed into a large container or heap. Decomposition occurs because naturally occurring microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi action. Small invertebrates such as earthworms and millipede insect, help to complete the process. The composting of organic wastes and turn into a rich, dark, or humus, in a few weeks or months. Composting process there is nothing mysterious or complex. Natural compost or decomposition occurs in the natural world all the time. Organic matter, animal and plant bodies, destruction and consumption of microorganisms and invertebrates to eat. However, under controlled conditions, the process can be speeded up.

Thus my alternative system is aim to reduce the waste landfill, to avoid or reduce waste generation, through recycling and waste management in the university.

Step 1.

Garbage classification based on different color and size garbage bins in university.

The first type is recycling garbage bin that can included the:

All types of cleaning paper and paperboard
Empty glass bottles and jars
Empty milk and fruit juice containers
Empty plastic containers
Aluminum and steel tanks

Empty coffee cup and cup of juice or smoothie.

The second type is landfill waste garbage bin. Such as chip package, packaging, food waste, plastic fork.

Although, the different garbage bin is not unusually, we even can see it on the street, thus, I consider in the university can have an organisation, that in order to allow you to help and achieve sustainable campus, this allow you to reduce the waste landfill and increase the amount of recycling. Moreover this organisation has many staff members are actively involved in some of organic wast on campus.

The staff also need to publicity the bokashi bucket composting system.

The bokashi bucket composting system is an alternative for transforming the kitchen waste into nutrient rich soil conditioner alternative. This composting system using Effective Micro-Organism, bokashi create ideal conditions for closed compost.
You can compost almost every kitchen food waste include fruits and vegetables in bokashi bin, prepared food, raw and cooked meat, fish, cheese, eggs, bread, coffee, tea bags, withered flowers and tissues.


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