It’s Novemeber 8th 2016. America and the world over wake up fresh faced and bleary eyed to scroll Twitter, Facebook and Instagram alike, to a collective sigh of disappointment.… and Donald Trump is the newly elected president of USA. Politico’s Timothy Noah earlier tweeting, ‘April Fools day has been cancelled this year in sad recognition of the fact that absolutely nothing is implausible anymore’, sums up the general mood. With the fact that the absolute impossible has become a reality, people are starting to wig out (pun intended).

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 4.10.29 PM
Donald Trump Collage [Lucy Deverall 2016]

In this post-modern context we live in, it has become pretty much impossible to separate fact from fiction. With Donald completely trumping reality, the thought that aliens will come down from outer space to save us doesn’t really seem completely that implausible. People all over the world are even more disenchanted. And they’ve had enough…

People are letting their instincts take over. Their bodily feelings that everything on a fundamental level has been wrong for a very long time. Even since Buckminster Fuller wrote in his ‘Operating Manual for a Spaceship Earth’, “I think that we are clinging to a great many piano tops in accepting yesterday’s fortuitous contrivings as constituting the only means for solving a given problem.” People are tired. People are VERY tired. But people are angry.

In Marrickville, Australia, the already ‘ready for change’ population see this as their opportunity. Their opportunity to leave the bleary eyed zombastic existence they have rubbed up wrong against for a very long time. They realise from the bombastic attitude of Trump that reality really is what you make it, so they decide to take it in their own hands. They make it local. And who better to lead the pack than the ever loving, ever relaxed, every composting Mr Bob of Hobo Grow from the Addison road community center.


Armed with 2 things: the fiery passion that anger has burned inside of them and the internet they become a community based on the ethos of “Doing more good, not less harm.” Using bio-technology and biodesign, they create waste management systems that only could be dreamed of with the help of a truly interdisciplinary community mindset.

Their gardens become dense permacultural systems chewing up Bobs compost faster than they can collect the waste to make more. None of their food goes to waste, with plenty of people from Cornersmith and other local cafes drying, pickling and preserving every fruit, seed, nut and vegetable they have leftover. Their fermented kobucha drinks create a ‘Scoby’, a thick mass of bacteria that they dry to create fabrics for clothing and bags etc.

With the help of the ever powerful mushroom they take the advice of Redfern’s Milkwood permaculture school to grow an abundance of mushrooms with the waste of cafes all around. They innoculate their own and other local agricultural waste with mycellium into moulds to grow their own materials to build their homes and other products from.

Using homemade photobioreactors they grow their own algae for protein and handpressed biofuel briquettes that they use for cooking and other means of heat.


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