Post A: Twenty-Four Hour Waste Audit

In all honesty I don’t think about what I do on a day-to-day basis with the organic waste I produce. As soon as I heard organic I jumped to thinking of food and in particular vegetables and fruit. However there are other areas considered to be organic waste I didn’t think of straight away like water waste, paper waste and recycling.


When moving through my day I don’t think about how I deal with waste because I revert to habits or what is taught to me while growing up and continued through to today. So it’s a little difficult to analyse my own process. However I believe I’ve managed it below.


On Wednesday 22nd March 2017 the Wealth from Waste class was invited to celebrate 20th Anniversary of the Institution for Sustainable Futures (ISF) which also corresponded with their book launch, ‘Transdisciplinary Research and Practice for Sustainability Outcomes’ filled with scholarly work. The other reason we were in attendance was to process a waste audit on the food provided at the function. All food served was locally sourced and vegan.


The Menu:


Bruschetta of heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil, pesto and extra virgin olive oil (GF).

Tomatoes from Joe Tramontle, Rossmore.


Rice paper rolls with kelp noodles, mint, coriander and enoki mushrooms.

Mushrooms from Mittagong Mushroom Tunnel, Southern Highlands.


Savoury carrot cake with candied walnuts (GF).

Carrots from Oaklands NSW Walnuts from the Riverina NSW.


Tempura zucchini flowers, sweet corn puree with black garlic aiolo (GF)

Zucchini flowers from Hinterland zucchini flowers, Sunshine Coast.


Mushroom walnut baklava with pine nut cream.

Field mushrooms from Shoalhaven mushrooms, Termail NSW.


Sweet corn and avocado blinis.

Sweet corn from Camillerie Family, Oakwille NSW.


Beetroot inside out arancini, cashew and popped riced (GF).

Beetroots from Ed Fagan, Cowra NSW.


Vegetable patch dip.
Organic food waste attendees chose not to eat.



Let’s take for example a punnet of tomatoes from Joe Tramontle. The punnet has to travel from Rossmore to a market or directly to the UTS campus. There are three points where it can be sold. From Joe’s farm, the market or when it arrives at the UTS campus. After being sold the tomatoes are placed in a prep kitchen. So far the tomatoes contributed to CO2 emissions from travelling and now from washing them under water. Lets say at least one drops on the ground. The tomato will be cleaned up at the end of the day when the prep kitchen has finished and most likely chucked in the bin to end up at landfill. The tomatoes are prepared for the appetiser and handed around the function




Breakfast waste in caddie

I began my day with breakfast tucking into cereal with skim milk. Having finished that I moved to bacon and eggs on a Turkish roll. The only organic food wastage was the two eggshells and fat from the bacon left in the pan. Water was used to wash up the pan, spatula, knife, fork and plate.



Lunch waste in caddie

Lunch was a ham, cheese, tomato, onion, avocado and spinach sandwich. The organic waste from lunch was the tomato end piece, avocado peal and avocado seed. The water wastage was washing up the three knives (serrated knife, butter knife and straight edge knife), cheese slicer, chopping board, glass and plate. I had a glass of water with lunch.



dinner waste in caddie

My family and I had dinner together. We shared a salad with spinach, cherry tomatoes, Spanish onion and Greek fetta. To accompany the salad we each had a piece of seasoned beef. The organic waste from the meal was just an avocado peal and avocado seed. The Spanish onion had previously been pealed only using what we need at the point in time allowing us to come back to it later for another meal. The water wastage was again from washing up the dishes to prepare and make the meal.


Author: StuMcManis

3rd Year Fashion Student

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