Post A: Wealth From Waste

People waste food every day, and about 20 percent of food is wasted in Australia. “Leichhardt Council estimates that about 40 percent of the waste from its household garbage bins is food.”(Frew 2014) We need to reconsider how we grow, pack, transport, sell and consume food.

one day

Breakfast: Sushi and water. I get breakfast in a sushi shop. The sushi has lots of energy. Sushi has some organic food. However, the less rice will waste.

Lunch: Rice, fish and vegetable. I get this lunch from a Chinese restaurant. Some vegetables and fish will waste.

Snack: Chicken and coffee/milk tea. The packaging will throw in the garbage bin.

Herriman says one of the surprising things she discovered was that in Australia, most food is wasted by residents rather than by supermarkets. But the bigger picture is one of food waste all down the chain, from the farmer to the consumer. We need to rethink how we grow, package, transport, market and consume food, she says. (Wendy 2014) So, I go to a restaurant and I would not order too much food. As an international student, I cook rarely and take away is a usual thing.  So I do not want to waste too much food and food waste is less.


In fact, I eat this kind of organic food rarely. However, I eat food with the organic material of packaging bag. This packaging can recycle using.



Wendy, 2014, Our food waste is our wealth, viewed 5 April 2017, <;


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