Post B Group project reflection



Each of the different disciplines of designers, not only in their professional design is crucial, but also occupy a different important position in various fields. When we first class, we mixed three different design disciplines which are product design, fashion design and visual communication to create one subject which is caddie design. Each of the various professional designers has different skills. Such as product designer more focus on the caddie design, fashion designer more focuses on the surface and visual communication more concentrate on the used poster or something to make people understand. For how to solve the problem of food waste, we need a variety of different angles to consider. Different professional designers have different design concepts and ideas. Also, different designers have different skills. Combine a variety of different ideas and expertise, through constant discussion and improvement; we try the best way to design a perfect design.

For why is it important to include designers in the management of organic waste?Because designer always focuses on how to make people easy to understand their design. How to make people interested in the management of organic waste. The designer will try a lot of ways to change the boring design. ” The role of the designer has been to translate and convey the value of the business philosophy to the consumer.” (Ravi Sawhney, 2010).


Design Thinking is a methodology used by designers to solve complex problems and to help designer find satisfactory solutions for clients. A design mentality is not the focus of the problem; it is the solution focused, action oriented to create a better future. Design thinking draws on logic, imagination, intuition, and system reasoning to explore what is possible and to create expected results that are beneficial to the end user (customer).
This framework integrates classic creative problem solving (CPS) with art and design methods.

Design thinking provides a structured framework for understanding and pursuing innovative ways that contribute to the organic growth and increase the real value to your customers.

Design thinking is a way of thinking, a way of looking at problems and finding creative solutions that may be ignored by purely analytical solutions. In practice, it is supported by processes and tools to help you develop innovative ideas through this thinking process. In some ways, it is similar to the understanding of the system in a variety of factors linked to each other there is a bigger picture thinking. How to changing systems this problem. “ I remember when I was studying systems thinking and tried to model systems, we would approach it from a level of detachment. We will start off with what may be the obvious issue we are focusing on and then draw a bigger and bigger circle to understand what may be the other factors that influence the outcome that may not be immediately apparent. The intent is to identify all the relevant factors and so identify the whole system. There is a certain amount of work to try to determine the relationship and run models to see how we may optimise the system towards the desired outcome.” (Wynthina Goh, 2014).


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