POST B: Reflection

Caddie Bin Liner Design

In reflection, our group worked effectively together and our newspaper caddie design had a successful outcome. A group charter was created that begun with talking each members dislikes and likes from previous group works so we were all clear on boundaries and expectations. This was quite helpful as it designed a way of working on the project that worked for everyone.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 8.05.16 AM

Our first stage of the project consisted of meeting together for a design workshop, bouncing ideas off one another and prototyping variations of newspaper caddie liners till deciding on the most successful design. While not each group member found it easy to design various options, having each person was highly beneficial, not only for being fully formed, supporting team, but in conducting user testing. This determined whether or not the designs were easy to understand and learn.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 7.58.01 AM


Interdisciplinary Design

Design has the ability to impact how we live day to day. Designs often become seamless and overlooked once adjusted to. The voting ballot is a great example of system design that goes unnoticed until it is designed poorly impacting greatly. The “butterfly” ballot cards of the 2000 U.S. presidential election in Palm Beach County, Florida were changed, however, the new design was found to be so confusing by voters that it potentially had the impact of changing the election outcome. This proves the importance of design contribution and the possible implications of bad and/or undervalued design.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 8.50.14 AM

In 2007 Annie Leonard, an environmentalist, and Jonah Sachs, a designer, came together to create a film called ‘The story of Stuff’ about the issue of our society’s waste culture. This film was praised for its interdisciplinary team, notably the impact of how bringing a designer into the project and valuing design enabled the issue to become engaging to a broad audience. We as a society have awareness to environmental and sustainability issues, however, with a lack of design inclusion there is less potential to effectively communicate and impact behavioural change (McMahon); design had the ability to give a voice of clarity and persuasion in a way that can inspire people to embrace a system better as a shareholder.



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One thought on “POST B: Reflection”

  1. Great Job at keeping to your defined time limit for the last project 🙂 Good to see how communication in the beginning when creating your group charter can have a positive impact at the end.

    Your example of the importance of a good design really resonates through the use of Floridas voting cards. To imagine the relationship between politics and design is not easy, so great job for choosing such an outstanding example. It is crazy to imagine if someone spent a bit more time or a better designer was put on the project, how much of an impact that could have on a community.


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