Post C:Researching Methods

For making a new design, our group follow questions which is where? How? Why? At the beginning through the usual observation in the school, and then worked out the schedule to make a reasonable arrangement of what to do after the time.WX20170615-203502@2x.png


Research is so important for our major. We must need know what is customer needs? How can make it become better? Research can help you move your project to the next level and even get you into the next phase of your career. It can solve the existing problems and play a crucial role in everyone’s decision-making process. By studying all the facts and figures, we have the full capacity to fully understand the problems we are trying to solve and thereby be more capable of making the best decisions to achieve our goals. (Colter Bowman, 2012).


Through the research, we found that the school’s underground had a lot of problems with food waste and garbage sorting. So, we took an hour use Gopro to record people’s food waste and garbage sorting in underground. Most people don’t understand which goods should put which bin. In our survey, 42% of people say they do not know how to correctly divide their garbage, and 50 people in 30 commented that if the garbage box labels more significantly better, it will make the waste to classification.



The strategic stage, three key problems need to be resolved– eligibility, objectives and benefits. Once discover, understand and addressing with these three areas will become more straightforward. Go back the common problem which is ‘what should my company do?’ We can work out a path that fits the company’s current reality. In most cases, when careful effort is applied to the discovery phase, the strategic phase is shorter, more efficient, and more focused, making it easier to communicate and sell internally. (Chief Marketer Staff, 2007).


Research design has an important bearing on the reliability of the results obtained. This is necessary because it allows many studies to proceed smoothly. This allows the study to be as effective as possible, providing as little information as possible, the greatest amount of money and time. In a good research design, all components link together in a coherent manner. Theoretical and conceptual frameworks must have the purpose and purpose of research. In the same way, data acquisition methods must also conform to the research objectives, concepts and theoretical frameworks and methods used for data analysis.


Through continuous observation and research, finally we decided to design garbage underground. Let more people understand more clearly how to reduce food waste and garbage classification. To design from the angle of communication, greatly reducing all unnecessary damage and waste. Our team design together, from product to vision, to contribute to our work. Ultimately into a perfect solution to the problem of design.




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