Post B: Group Caddie Design Reflection


Members: Sabrina, Hollie, Georgina, Stuart, Johnny   

What are our ‘ground rules’?

  • Consistency
  • turning up on time
  • communicating well through facebook, contributing on assignments, giving feedback and opinions
  • Being vocal and voicing your opinions
  • Going through assignments together before turning it in
  • Complete assignments at / at least two days before due date

What will we do if a group member’s work doesn’t meet our standards?

  • Speak up assertively
  • Going about it in a respectful way (guidance, giving advice, offer help)

What are our goals? What are we trying to accomplish?

  • To produce quality work in a cohesive environment

How are we going to make decisions?

  • Consulting every member of the group
  • Everyone gets to voice out their opinions and give feedbacks

What skills, strengths and weaknesses do we have within our group?

  • Working well together along with good communication
  • Need to be more attentive
  • Keeping on top of dates
  • Staying on par and informing each other on new information / readings, etc

We, the group named LEVEL THREES

agree with this charter and will try our best to uphold it.



How can different design disciplines contribute to organic waste solutions?

According to Tatiana Pages a designer who worked on interdisciplinary design. The interdisciplinary design means looking at many types and disciplines at one time, and looking at the project beyond its category and using intersections. In our design, we looked at aesthetic, human behaviour, educations, environment etc. That requires people with different way to see the world. Which is why we are needing people from different disciplines. We all have different way of thinking as an individual, and by studying different course, it shaped out way of thinking even further. Designers are exist to make life solution. By when facing big problem like organic waste, we need to consider more. Like product designers are focus on functionality and visual communicators are focus on the visual approach to the audience. Each have different characteristics and advantage.

Why is it important to include designers in the management of organic waste? What contribution does design make to thinking about systems? to changing systems? to inventing systems?

Designers are important. Designer have understanding of design thinking, which not only work with designing visual works but also work with things like a system. Besides, designer have the sense of make visual attraction to the system. The system is involving with people and it’s interactive, visual language and product practicability became very important. Designer knows the best approaches of visual communication, and how to shape the product and procedure, due to the daily practice as a designer. Also, designer is irreplaceable, because visualisation is a big component of the system and nobody does better than a visual designer (generally includes different disciplines).




Petrovic, K. (2017). The Interdisciplinary Design Approach – HOW Design. [online] HOW Design. Available at: [Accessed 10 May 2017].


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