This is the class blog for ‘Wealth for Waste’, a studio of the subject Interdisciplinary Design Lab B: 85302.

Did you know that almost half of household waste destined for NSW landfills consists of food and garden organic waste?

The ambitious goal of UTS is to act as an exemplar for how food waste might be separated and recycled on-site for use as a soil conditioner in the Sydney precinct. Right now 22 staff and student kitchens, 11 cafes and source separating garbage bins accommodating the equivalent of 34,000 full time students are acting as collection sites for food waste. In the next few months approximately 350kg of food waste will be dehydrated on-site per day creating a nitrogen rich soil perfect for use in parks and gardens. This studio seeks to bring together students to work in collaborative teams to design systems to support the social and technical change required to not only successfully separate food waste on-site (e.g. source separating bins) but also educate (e.g. Signage, manuals) users and support staff, speculate and envision alternative systems for creating ‘wealth from waste’.

The Studio is run by Dr Dena Fam and Dr Alexandra Crosby.