Post D

Organic waste can use as mulch, compost, and soil recycling. Air conditioning, recycled timber and firewood, food Earthworm farms and animal beds. Recycled Organic Waste also reduces the amount of waste. To reduce or eliminate waste. May need to travel and give value to waste help. Develop green waste products and markets.

Domestic waste consists of different waste components, in which organic waste is one of them. The total organic fraction of the total living waste is 30% – 40% of the total amount of living garbage (Sonesson and Jönsson 1996). The relevant parameters were describing organic waste listed in Table 1. Fully explain organic waste, See Appendix E for the dry matter content in the ORWARE model using organic living waste as hypothesised, as an average of 30% (Jepsen, 2002).

<> (A Baky, O Eriksson, 2003).

At the Melbourne University, many people on the campus actively engaged in many organic waste initiatives.
Basic knowledge of composting:
How to add compost to your office: vegetables and fruit residue, bags of tea and coffee grounds, flowers.
What does not add: animal products (meat, milk, etc.), magazines, synthetic chemicals.
Use the label “compost” as a sign: please donate tea bags, coffee grounds, vegetables and fruits waste, which is also an essential condition to ensure that the compost bins are not mistaken for landfills.
Put it on the kitchen counter or pantry table in your office. Discuss composting bins with office colleagues. It’s good to stress that “no animal products”, paper towels, and other biodegradable things are possible, although the basics of sticking to food waste are good. You need to clear it 1-2 times a week depending on the amount of storage.
Options include: Bring the compost back home for personal garden use. Donation of compost on the university community garden, located in the building of the Monash RD, 161 and 163.
Check how Melbourne guides composting.

Bokashi Bucket Composting System



Many staff groups on campus use their Bokashi container system. The Bokashi barrels of kitchen waste into nutrient rich alternative soil conditioner. This composting system uses EM (Effective Micro-Organism) Bokashi to create airtight ideal conditions (anaerobic) for composting. You can compost almost every kitchen food waste in Bokashi barrels include fruits and vegetables, processed foods, raw and cooked meats, fish, cheese, eggs, bread, coffee, tea bags, wilted flowers and tissues.
The University of Melbourne <;

The University of Melbourne design for organic food waste system is efficient. People can use the materials that have been broken up to use in their gardens. Don’t waste every aspect of things; they will become a food chain. As for the design, our school also has it, but this design is limited to school staff and teachers. In fact, I think you can add an organic food waste course so that more people receive such education. Thereby enhancing our views on food waste.

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Post C:Researching Methods

For making a new design, our group follow questions which is where? How? Why? At the beginning through the usual observation in the school, and then worked out the schedule to make a reasonable arrangement of what to do after the time.WX20170615-203502@2x.png


Research is so important for our major. We must need know what is customer needs? How can make it become better? Research can help you move your project to the next level and even get you into the next phase of your career. It can solve the existing problems and play a crucial role in everyone’s decision-making process. By studying all the facts and figures, we have the full capacity to fully understand the problems we are trying to solve and thereby be more capable of making the best decisions to achieve our goals. (Colter Bowman, 2012).


Through the research, we found that the school’s underground had a lot of problems with food waste and garbage sorting. So, we took an hour use Gopro to record people’s food waste and garbage sorting in underground. Most people don’t understand which goods should put which bin. In our survey, 42% of people say they do not know how to correctly divide their garbage, and 50 people in 30 commented that if the garbage box labels more significantly better, it will make the waste to classification.



The strategic stage, three key problems need to be resolved– eligibility, objectives and benefits. Once discover, understand and addressing with these three areas will become more straightforward. Go back the common problem which is ‘what should my company do?’ We can work out a path that fits the company’s current reality. In most cases, when careful effort is applied to the discovery phase, the strategic phase is shorter, more efficient, and more focused, making it easier to communicate and sell internally. (Chief Marketer Staff, 2007).


Research design has an important bearing on the reliability of the results obtained. This is necessary because it allows many studies to proceed smoothly. This allows the study to be as effective as possible, providing as little information as possible, the greatest amount of money and time. In a good research design, all components link together in a coherent manner. Theoretical and conceptual frameworks must have the purpose and purpose of research. In the same way, data acquisition methods must also conform to the research objectives, concepts and theoretical frameworks and methods used for data analysis.


Through continuous observation and research, finally we decided to design garbage underground. Let more people understand more clearly how to reduce food waste and garbage classification. To design from the angle of communication, greatly reducing all unnecessary damage and waste. Our team design together, from product to vision, to contribute to our work. Ultimately into a perfect solution to the problem of design.




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Post B Group project reflection



Each of the different disciplines of designers, not only in their professional design is crucial, but also occupy a different important position in various fields. When we first class, we mixed three different design disciplines which are product design, fashion design and visual communication to create one subject which is caddie design. Each of the various professional designers has different skills. Such as product designer more focus on the caddie design, fashion designer more focuses on the surface and visual communication more concentrate on the used poster or something to make people understand. For how to solve the problem of food waste, we need a variety of different angles to consider. Different professional designers have different design concepts and ideas. Also, different designers have different skills. Combine a variety of different ideas and expertise, through constant discussion and improvement; we try the best way to design a perfect design.

For why is it important to include designers in the management of organic waste?Because designer always focuses on how to make people easy to understand their design. How to make people interested in the management of organic waste. The designer will try a lot of ways to change the boring design. ” The role of the designer has been to translate and convey the value of the business philosophy to the consumer.” (Ravi Sawhney, 2010).


Design Thinking is a methodology used by designers to solve complex problems and to help designer find satisfactory solutions for clients. A design mentality is not the focus of the problem; it is the solution focused, action oriented to create a better future. Design thinking draws on logic, imagination, intuition, and system reasoning to explore what is possible and to create expected results that are beneficial to the end user (customer).
This framework integrates classic creative problem solving (CPS) with art and design methods.

Design thinking provides a structured framework for understanding and pursuing innovative ways that contribute to the organic growth and increase the real value to your customers.

Design thinking is a way of thinking, a way of looking at problems and finding creative solutions that may be ignored by purely analytical solutions. In practice, it is supported by processes and tools to help you develop innovative ideas through this thinking process. In some ways, it is similar to the understanding of the system in a variety of factors linked to each other there is a bigger picture thinking. How to changing systems this problem. “ I remember when I was studying systems thinking and tried to model systems, we would approach it from a level of detachment. We will start off with what may be the obvious issue we are focusing on and then draw a bigger and bigger circle to understand what may be the other factors that influence the outcome that may not be immediately apparent. The intent is to identify all the relevant factors and so identify the whole system. There is a certain amount of work to try to determine the relationship and run models to see how we may optimise the system towards the desired outcome.” (Wynthina Goh, 2014).


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Post A: One day waste audit

WechatIMG1 4.jpeg

An ordinary Sunday. Due to verdure, drive with three friends go to the central coast. We afraid diver too far, we will be hungry on the way. So we chose to go to seven eleven to buy some snacks. I opened chips package which Ate two pieces because of having a little drowsiness in the car. When I woke up, the chips already dropped on the carpet. I’m sorry I wasted most of the chips. We spend one-hour drive to the central coast, but we just stay 20 minutes, because of the environment was so dark, we can not see anything. We waste a lot of times. When we come back home the time was 5:00 am. When we woke up, the time was 12:00 pm. We had lunch together which saved the waste of breakfast. Afternoon I need writes a blog for lab b course. But it need write down whole day waste. So when I write the blog, I also play with phone game. I thinkI waste the electricity about phone and computer’s screen. I was so hungry because I just ate one meal, so I chose to eat hot pot for dinner with friends. When we finished dinner I think the hot pot was one of the most likely causes of food waste. Because we need prepare a lot of the foods what is meats, vegetables, round mass of foods and so on. I waste a lot of corns. Because I really like eat corn, so I prepared a lot of coins. I overestimated my appetite, resulting in unnecessary waste. Because we rarely do meals at home, so the rest of the food we are thrown in the trash.

I choose the corn.

Corn come from grass family. Corn seed or kernel need to be planted in soil which should plant in one or two inches; it pullulated in 5 to 12 days. After the seed burgeoned which grew a primary root and began to build the first Leafs when these leafs grow it look like grass. With corn grows, it grows into thick, fibrous stems and many flaws pointed leafs. As it grows, the corn develops a thick, fibrous stalk and many flat, pointed leaves. According to the climate and species, the stem can grow up to 15 feet. The roots of each plant grow 3 to 5 feet and extend to each side of the stalk about 1 foot. Some of the roots develop on the ground. These are called ‘prop roots,’ which act as natural supports for tall stems.

With the coming of spring, corn cobs are an ideal fertilizer seed. Make one of the all-natural containers, merely need to cut into 2 “or 3” length of the corn cob. Then use a sharp pocketknife to cut out the inside of each section, leaving only a thin layer of the bottom. Fill corn cobs with fertilizer and then plant your seed. When the shoots grow big enough to assign a permanent place in the garden, as long as the opening of each cylinder closed end, and plant all possessions. The corn cob will provide timely decomposition and nutrients back to the soil. Will be rapid decomposition and nutrients back to the ground.

About the canapé audit at the UTS book launch. Firstly, I think it so nice, they made the food look so beautiful. We talk and go around looking at the food. But I believe that it has a little waste food problem. Because many people want to try the food and then food was made to be a mess, causing other people do not want to touch the rest of the food. The guest was polite and poured a lot of wine and juice on the table for people who come, but because of uncertainty and people’s preferences. A lot of drinks wasted.



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