POST A: Daily Waste

Conduct one day waste audit of all the waste I produced, I focus on two place, one is home, another one is the place that I worked.

My home has 4 people, and we get two garbage bin, one is daily life garbage bin, another one is recycle garbage bin. In my daily life, I did not have the garbage classification, although, my home owner did it. Thus, in my garbage bin at home, they are almost the fruit skin, the leftover food like rice or the noodle, carbonated drinks cans, or the snacks bag of one day. For the recycle garbage bin it can not fill in one day, thus I found in that bin it has the express delivery packing boxes, some plastic bags, the milk bottle, and water bottles.

For the one day waste of the place where I work, I found there has the coffee cup, the fruit skin, the water bottles, and the plastic bag.

Before this research I never attention I can produced a lot of food waste of one day, thus, I did some research about what kind of waste can be recycle. Summary the research data, the aluminum, steel, plastic and glass containers can recycling. Once you’ve collected the recycling collection, after the separation in a different location. Potential uses different such as plastic is used to do the winter wool and aluminum is used to set up a bike or a ship.

Overall, in one daily day, I can produced plenty of food waste, how about the restaurant? Thus I decided to go one Chinese restaurant near my please, and ask them about the food waste. The manager told me, because of the lots of storage food, that half of the food is wasted include the leftover food by customers, and the leftover ingredients in one day. Moreover I ask  about how to disposal the garbage, the manager said, thy are not go to the recycle garbage bin, and do the compost, the official stuff come to pick up the garbage and then the all garbage go to the landfill. We both know this way is not good for the environment, but we do not have the consciousness about waste disposal.

Analysis the food waste, there has a half are the organic waste, thus, I did some research about the organic waste on EPA. About 50% of household waste and 30% of the waste, we throw away is organic. It is a waste of resources, to fill the limited landfill space. Landfill decomposition of organic matter and the release of methane, a potent greenhouse gas and helps to Landfill Leachate Polluted River. The use of compost in horticulture, landscaping, horticulture and agriculture can reduce the need for irrigation, reduce the need for fertilizers, and improve the health and structure of the soil. Composting of organic materials in domestic large facilities is an increasing trend in New South Wales in order to better manage and utilize the waste organic material section.

Through my one day waste, I think the banana pills can be the organic wasted collected. Summary the research, the way from banana grows up to the end is:1. Grow within 30 degree of the equator 2. Travel long distances in refrigerated vehicles. 3. Ripening rooms where they are exposed to ethylene gas. 4. Shipped to grocery stores. 5. Finally to our homes. 6. 25% are throw away and end up in landfills.

In fact, the banana pills are benefit to the environment, the data analysis, the banana pills can:

1. fertilize tomato plants 2. feed indoor plants 3. use in compost 4. relieve rashes and itches 5. feed animals 6. make vinegar 7. tenderise meat 8. eat the peel 9. attract and butterflies and birds 10. polish leather and sliver.


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