Post D:organic waste management proposal


In the globalized system dominated by a relative handful of corporations, organic waste like food and housing are wasted while the needs of hundreds of millions go unmet. All manner of consumer commodities are produced cheaply, offered for sale at high prices, and often discarded unsold by corporations that dismiss the waste as a cost of doing business. These corporations promote disposable goods over reusable ones, design rapidly obsolete products, and ensure that repair is more expensive than replacement. Enormous volumes of still-usable goods to landfill that poison the exurban communities pressed into hosting them, with a disproportionate impact on the poor.

Most people walk into the kitchen and think, “ What do I want?” which quickly transforms into, “ What product should I buy?” We need to think differently. When we walk into the kitchen, we ask, “ What do I have? What can we make with it?” We use whatever resources we have available.


I sketch my design , which is  a food recycle box, this box should be place in the front door of the restaurant and the street food store, people can pick the food for free after 9 pm, the timing is perfect for people who working late night and some people can not afford the cost of the meal, so that they can take it back home and cook the food with a recipe. In this case, maybe some restaurants not willing to do that, so this design should have support from the government.



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