Post B: Group caddie design Reflection


Mikaela Rundle

As a group we were asked to find a solution to the waste caddie design, using news paper as a package to contain the organic waste. The design brief outlined the importance of keeping the design, simple and clean. There was discussion about making sure the newspaper design was easy to remove from the caddie, sturdy and would be easy to carry to the organic waste bin in each household. Focusing our attention around the lifestyle of the users, we looked into our own home and relationship to the food caddie. Taking notes on our behaviours, such as how often we needed to clean the caddie lining, how often we used it and how much time realistically would be put into making the newspaper. The Caddie newspaper design needed to encapsulated all the key important values we decided as a group to focus on. We felt that most importantly the design needed to be simple and completed under 5 minutes, as we felt that anymore time would mean the design would not be made during a busy life of a user.

We workshopped a variety of designs, constantly referring to our goal of a fast and effective solution. We started with folding the newspaper in a variety of ways that would strengthen the form. Using traditional Origami as inspiration for our designs, we discovered that a cone shape held a lot of waste and mass. Due to the layers of folds the waste after a few days didn’t weaken the bottom, allowing easy and safe transfer from the caddie to the bin. We also got inspired by street food, that used this similar cone shape to contain food.

As a group we felt our design was going to be successful after our own personal research and assessment of the design. When creating our video and explanation sheet, we felt it was vital to keep our instructions simple, which could allow children to be able to understand and create the design. The design sheet was refined, making sure that there was enough steps, that were easy to understand. We also created a scan on the sheet that linked to the video, this combination of video, text and images, was effective and easy to follow. We tested our sheet and video on a variety of our family members, with positive feed back. The design was effective because we had a variety of in put from all members of the team, using their own skills in design and research to produce the final design.


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