Robertson, M. 2017, Sustainability Principles and Practice, Routledge, New York, pp.281-284.


Margaret Robertson (2017) in the book Sustainability Principles and Practice introduced the accessible and comprehensive overview of the interdisciplinary field of sustainability. In part II Issues and Solutions. She indicated the recycling coordination is a career path in sustainability field. The job is responsible for set up and monitor a recycling system and provide education or training to whatever organization that provided the job position. Under her consciousness and understanding of the job, she summarizes the job duties of recycling coordinating:

First thing she discussed was recording. Careful recordkeeping is an important part of coordinating a recycling program. To set up a program, evaluating existing conditions is the first work to do. The recycling coordinator normally prepare an indicator report to serve as standard against which future change can be evaluat. The examinations can in total solid waste quantity, present recycling rate, sorts and quantities of matters gathered for recycling, details about present recycling infrastructure.

The recycling coordinator also documents weight tickets and receipts and keeps a continuous log recording data from these records, which are followed times and compared against the recycling program’s stated goals .

She introduced the coordinators at sites such as colleges regularly do what is called a waste audit, a group exercise in which volunteers sort and measure segments of campus trash. It’s often eye-opening, and can provide a baseline for rework the university’s waste management.

Later, she conveys that recycling relies on the activities of peoples. One actions the coordinator should do is to make it as easy as possible for participating group (e.g. students) to recycle. Moreover, an effective program provides attractive facilities such as bins for recycling, in as many convenient locations as possible. And the recycling bins ought to be set up in ways that limit the danger of pollution with clear, unambiguous, and legible labels.

At the end of this excerpt, she indicated that One of the topics that repeats in the sustainability field is the necessity for communication. The people who use a system ought to be acknowledged and their voices to be listened. On the account of recycling, custodial staff to approach them how recycling works for them whether they have advice to improve recycling system.

I find the resource while doing the project. I found this book at the library with keywords about food waste management. I think the review is good for me to understand what are the duties of the core coordinator of the system. knowing what are the challenges of being a recycling coordinator is the best way to assist the person.


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