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“A Research design is the sequence of the whole process of conducting research.” -Miller’s research design is a “blueprint” for research. Study design defines the types and subtypes, the research question, hypothesis, the independent and dependent variable, experimental design, the method of data collection and statistical analysis plan (if applicable). A research design is a framework for finding answers to research questions (Utkarsh, 2015).”


The first step in the research process is to define or redefine the research to be based on. The research problem may be the knowledge or information that the organisation deems necessary. The researchers should thoroughly understand the problem and examine all available documents related to the problem (Utkarsh, 2015).


Our team generated a list of methods from which we will list some of the methods used to collect primary and secondary information to inform us of the way we operate.


Therefore,our group of green tea leaves uses these different ways, such as competitive analysis, observation, surveys, literature research, experience testing. The goal is remodelling UTS underground market.


Determine the sample design – the sample can be defined as a group. The researchers must decide how to choose a sample that is called a sample design (Utkarsh, 2015).

Data collection – actual research begins with data collection. Collecting data is a critical step in providing information about the answers to research questions. Each of these studies involves collecting certain types of data, whether from literature or from subjects, to answer research questions. Performing project-execution projects is a very important step because it requires the right lines, sufficient and reliable matters (Utkarsh, 2015).


The survey was shared through online social media and in person by handing out printed A4 flyers. We received 50 responses and a thorough impression of how people felt about disposing of their waste. Students frequently waste. Students frequently wrote that the Underground could be improved with better signage and labelling.

Data analysis – after collecting data, the researchers are responsible for the analysis. Data analysis requires some related operations, such as creating raw data, encoding, and drawing statistical inferences from a pie chart (Utkarsh, 2015).

Using three colour posters allows us to better distinguish and pass the trash so that the right trash becomes the appropriate colour. In our design, there are three colours: red, green and yellow. In interaction design, such as Facebook and sets, our team really created this page, we can communicate on related concepts, you can also provide the appropriate skills in the above food second use so that we better get involved with the design. For example, some meringue dessert is all about using up those egg whites leftover from recipes that call only for the yolks.

We designed the results to help UTS students how to better reduce food waste, how to correct the garbage classification and a series of problems. Research helps you understand users and their problems in order to design useful user-centric solutions.



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